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Recommended Oboe Method Books

Barret Oboe MethodDeveloping technical skills and musicality is essential for every level of player. Selecting the best combination of tools to help guide and educate each individual student is something that takes a lot of careful thought and study – often more work than most students realize!

Each member of my studio is assigned an Oboe Method Book as part of their lesson plan. Oboe method books are assigned based on a student’s skill set, age, practice habits and goals.

The links below lead to short articles on the Oboe Method books I most commonly use in my studio. This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all of the good oboe method books available, but provides an overview of several of the most widely-used oboe methods. Each link provides some detail about the format and materials included in each book.

Recommended Oboe Method Books for Beginner Levels

Recommended Oboe Method Books for Intermediate Levels (includes two subcategories for students ranging between 1-3 years of study)

Recommended Oboe Method Books for Advanced Levels (appropriate for advanced highschool and college level students)

To compliment the skills outlined in oboe method books, I also assign specific complimentary studies, such as warm-up routines, rhythmic exercises, targeted technical studies, chamber music, and solo literature. Each student has a unique program of study, based on their abilities and needs. The proper oboe method book is the foundation for all students to gain the skills they need to be good musicians.

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