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Recommended Intermediate Oboe Method Books

Early Intermediate Methods
(appropriate for students with 1-3 years of study):

Rubank Intermediate Oboe MethodRubank Intermediate Oboe Method: a good transitional book for students who need further technical development before progressing to highly technical etudes and/or etudes which focus on melodic expression. This book is an excellent second book after finishing the “Rubank Elementary Method”.

Upper Level Intermediate Methods
(appropriate for students with over 2 years of study):

  1. Rubank Advanced Oboe Method – Book one: somewhat technical in nature, also includes many duets
  2. Rubank Advanced Oboe Method – Book two: more technically demanding than Advanced Book one, includes duets
  3. Gekeler Oboe Method – Book Two (published by Belwin/Warner): melodic Barret studies plus demanding technical scale based studies that range up to F6 (i.e. the high F that is an octave above the top line of the treble clef staff)
  4. Salviani Oboe Etudes, volume 2 (published by Ricordi): scale based exercises to improve technical facility, good for both intermediate and advanced students
  5. Practical and Progressive by Andraud (published by Southern): a large book containing both melodic and technical studies
  6. Scales and Arpeggios for Oboe grades 1-8 by Denley (published by ABRSM/Boosey): a book of scales, arpeggios, and broken thirds in all forms (major, minor, and whole tone), good for intermediate and advanced students
  7. Melodious Etudes for Oboe by Marco Bordogni (published by Carl Fischer): lyrical etudes that are of great value for teaching phrasing and musicality, good for both intermediate and advanced students.

The Gekeler Oboe Method Book Two includes the 40 Progressive Melodic Studies from the Barret Oboe Method, but does not include the bass line. The back section of Gekeler Oboe Method Book two contains challenging technical exercises to balance the melodic studies. This may be a more appropriate way for a student to work on high-school level melodic and technical studies without purchasing the more expensive Barret method.

The Barret melodic studies are also available in a book by David Hite called Forty Progressive Studies published by Southern. This book has transposed the bass line so that a teacher can play with the student in duet without having to transpose from bass clef. Additionally, this book includes several studies by Dont and by Hite.

This should not be confused with Hite’s other excellent method books titled Melodious and Progressive Studies volumes 1 and 2, which contain etudes by a variety of composers.

Barret ed SchuringBarret Oboe MethodFor serious advanced students, purchasing the Barret Oboe Method is advised. A newly revised version of the Barret Oboe Method is available, edited by Martin Schuring (see photo at right). While the Schuring edition does not include the scale etudes at the beginning of the Barret, it is a much clearer edition to read and is spiral bound to lay flat.

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