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Classical Musician and Educator


Welcome to The Store, a page listing and linking favorite resources for all things musical:

oboeWhen it comes to music and oboe-specific matierials, Lynne is a strong believer in supporting both local businesses and businesses owned and operated by doublereed specialists.

There are several good reasons to frequent these types of businesses instead of mega-stores:

  1. They often carry very specialized tools and materials that you can’t find just anywhere,
  2. They often provide a very high level of expertise and knowledgeable service, and
  3. If we don’t keep sending business to our local stores and doublereed companies, they may have a hard time staying in business! This means we could lose the personal service, high level of expertise, and variety of products and services that our local businesses and doublereed specialst companies bring to us.

Before you buy online from a mega-store, please consider supporting the small businesses that support our communities and our doublereed specialists!

“Note-able” Detroit area resources for music and general supplies

Oboe and Bassoon Specialty Stores (companies that specialize in oboe and bassoon-specific supplies, including sheet music, recordings, tools and more)

When Looking to Purchase an Instrument…

Musical Gift Ideas including tuners, metronomes, music stands, instrument bags, jewelry, and more

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