Lynne Marie Mangan

Classical Musician and Educator


The Lessons Page contains information about my teaching activities, including lessons for Oboe, English Horn, Chamber Music classes, Reed Adjusting Classes, and other music seminars.

At this time, I have openings in my studio for:

  • private oboe lessons and private English Horn lessons,
  • private reedmaking lessons,
  • group Reedmaking and Reed Adjusting classes,
  • small chamber ensemble lessons (2-6 players, either all on woodwind instruments or a combination wind & string instruments),
  • Music Theory and Music History lessons, and
  • Music Business/Entrepreneurship training.

Contact me either using the contact form on this website, or by email at

Lessons and classes are available in several locations in southeastern Michigan, including:

Lessons are thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes in length, depending on the student’s age and skill level. Lessons are scheduled at a regular weekly time.

A comprehensive lesson plan is created for each student, taking into account their skills and personal goals. Oboe lesson materials typically include oboe technical and musical studies from an oboe-specific etude book, supplemental musical and technical exercises, solo literature, and chamber music. Ear training, transposition, sightreading, and creative thinking are also developed through the individual lesson program. It’s important for us to have fun while learning, and for students to recognize their achievements!

I strongly encourage students to perform, whether for friends & family, at solo and chamber music festivals, at recitals, or other public events. Students are also encouraged to listen to as much classical music as possible – from live performances to recordings.

Reed making classes are offered to eligible students on a private lesson or group lesson basis.

“Music Teacher’s Helper” is the online system used for scheduling and billing all lesson activities. For lesson details, Lynne’s Music Teacher’s Helper website at

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