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Recommended Beginner Oboe Method Books

Gekeler Oboe Method vol 1Oboe Method Books appropriate for Beginner level:

  1. Gekeler Method for Oboe – Book One published by Belwin/Warner. Note that this is book has a white cover, and shouldn’t be confused with the older “Belwin Oboe Method by Kenneth Gekeler†.
    The Gekeler Method for Oboe – Book One is an excellent book for either the young or adult beginner. It is also very useful for students who have played the oboe for a couple of years but need to work on developing better fundamental technique. The exercises range from beginner level through the intermediate level, with short exercises, more challenging longer pieces, scales and fingering challenges, and duets at every stage of the book.
    I personally alter some of the confusing text in the first few pages of the book (for example: I cross out the suggestion to keep the lips “drawn back in a smiling position”, changing it to say “tucked in but with the corners forward”).
    This is my favorite method book for the first 1-3 years of study, depending on the amount of supplemental material given to students (I personally assign solos and other technical exercises in addition to this book).
  2. Rubank Elementary Oboe Method: a good book for young beginner oboists, although many instructors prefer the format and organization of the Gekeler method book one to the Rubank. As the content and tone is geared toward very young students, and it does not progress as far technically and musically as the Gekeler Method volume 1, I don’t tend to use this book very often in my studio. When I have used it in the past (for example: when a student transfers into my studio and already owns the book), I tend to use it for only the first year to eighteen months of study, always supplemented with additional technical and melodic materials.

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