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Oboe Reed Cases

reed caseEvery oboist should have a good reed case. Not only do they look great, they also protect reeds from damage. For those who will be learning to make reeds, more reed case space is needed! There are several good reed cases available.

I recommend reed cases that will hold between 5-12 reeds (preferably 10 or 12 reed capacity). I also strongly recommend reed cases that hold reeds “cigarette style” or “French style”, instead of a reed case that holds reeds with pop-up white mandrels. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A variety of good, affordable reed cases are available from Forrest’s Music. I recommend the U-39 and U-40 reed cases (with our without leather), ranging between $19.95 and $29.95.
  • A French leather-covered 6-reed case from Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds for $32
  • Many of the Charles 12 reed cases from Charles Double Reed are very nice and durable (yes, the flask reedcase does hold beverages!)
  • Harris Reed Case makes beautifully crafted wood reedcases, and he’ll personalize it for an extra $5 if you order direct from him.
  • “Altoids”, “Crayola”, and “Hello Kitty” tins that have been made into 6-reed reedcases for $10 – very fun! Available from OboeWorks.

harris reedcase altoids reed case

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