Lynne Marie Mangan

Classical Musician and Educator


Oboe Case Covers and Bags

altieri obeh bagA carrying bag for the oboe protects the instrument and ensures that reeds aren’t left behind! Many of these carrying bags have room for reed cases, tools, pencils, and music. I strongly recommend zippered Altieri Oboe Bags, which are very durable and versitile. Personally, I prefer their backpack bag which also has a handle and shoulder strap, but the standard carrying bag without a backpack option is also very good. The Altieri bags are available at a good price at many oboe specialty stores, including Midwest Musical Imports.

Note: A “case cover” is different than an oboe bag. They are form-fitting to the case, often with a small zipper pouch, but no room for music. Case covers need to be chosen specifically for the type of case the oboe is in, and do not have room for music, books, etc. If you’re interested in a case cover, contact your teacher to discuss what case cover will fit the oboe case you have.

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